Water treatment programs within the metal processing industries are integral to the successful manufacturing of quality products. Our water management programs incorporate a complete and in-depth understanding of the mechanical operation of each system being treated.


ClearWater is the supplier to the steel manufacturing industry, with involvement in everything from mini-mills to new large CSP mills and fully integrated plants. We are experienced with rod, wire, bars, flats, angles, rounds, beams, and strip production facilities as well as cold rolled, galvanized, and stainless-steel products.

In the aluminum and copper industries, ClearWater starts with smelter or recycle melt systems and continues through the casting, rolling, extrusion, and electrorefining processes (copper).

ClearWater can apply its expertise on steel, aluminum, and copper production with experienced local service representatives committed to each system’s configuration, providing the most efficient program for your unique water and wastewater treatment system.

Regardless of the system, our understanding of the metal refining and manufacturing process allows ClearWater to meet your needs while maximizing quality and lowering costs.