At many commercial facilities, the time and resources devoted to water treatment system operations are limited. ClearWater understands the unique needs of our commercial and institutional customers, and we work to protect your employees, customers, and equipment by offering a variety of diverse solutions, from hands-free chemical delivery to treatment program automation.


Data centers require reliable water treatment for heat-sensitive equipment and critical data. With innovative technology and the most experienced water treatment experts in the industry, ClearWater’s data center water treatment ensures asset protection, equipment life extension, and efficient operation with minimal downtime.


Federal government data calculates as much as 40% of a data center’s energy is used in its cooling equipment, making it mission-critical that cooling systems operate at their maximum potential.

ClearWater’s cooling water treatment programs are designed for both small and large data centers. Treatment to reduce scale and control corrosion means your HVAC systems will:

  • Perform at optimal levels
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Allow personnel to handle more critical maintenance functions

ClearWater’s technical staff and audit teams can also survey your facilities to find sustainable ways to reduce your overall energy consumption.

Green water treatment programs help reduce chemical usage and inventory. For example, our products use diffusion-based technology to minimize your environmental footprint. We can also help you extend cycles and investigate alternative water sources like reclaimed water, secondary condensate, and zero-liquid discharge.


ClearWater district energy water treatment programs maximize efficiency for cooling and heating plants while significantly reducing energy cost, water usage, labor, and maintenance.

Helping You Move to Cleaner, Smarter, and More Resilient Energy Systems

We support facilities including but not limited to, hospital complexes, universities, commercial buildings, airports, and government buildings. Our program protects all assets from corrosion, scale deposits, and microbiological fouling, so you can provide your customers with efficient cooling and heating. Our offering includes:

Proper water treatment applied with best practices and standards in mind is critical for the maximum protection and efficiency of cooling, boiler, and closed-loop systems. Preventing scale and corrosion will help your system perform at optimal levels, reducing energy costs and allowing personnel to handle more critical maintenance functions.

ClearWater’s technical support and audit teams can also survey your facility to find sustainable solutions for reducing overall energy consumption.


Proper water treatment for higher educational facilities is critical to maintaining heating and cooling system reliability. Students, staff, and guests rely every day on these utilities to provide comfortable room temperatures in safe environments.

Innovation in Operations for the Care of Students, Faculty, and Guests

ClearWater’s university water treatment programs can help control costs and protect your bottom line by reducing energy and water consumption, extending asset life, and minimizing maintenance expenses. A successful water treatment program will help maintain your school’s image.

We offer different delivery options to suit the specific needs of your institution. Bulk delivery systems can be used for liquid products in large applications such as central power plants. We also offer non-liquid products for smaller applications in satellite buildings. Both programs reduce chemical handling for your employees.

We provide green water treatment programs to help reduce chemical usage and inventory and investigate alternative water sources such as reclaimed water, condensate, and zero-liquid discharge. We can support you in understanding and controlling Legionella risk and complying with ASHRAE Standard 188.


Sustainable water treatment programs help our government customers control costs while maintaining optimum system performance.

Our experienced teams focus on critical factors such as:

  • Increasing operational efficiency
  • Achieving high levels of return-on-investment
  • Minimizing maintenance expenses, and extending capital asset life
  • Ensuring programs are safe for operators and employees

Bringing Critical Control and Ease of Operations to Government Facilities

ClearWater’s best practices and solutions support all types of government locations. Military installation water treatment programs can help control costs and ensure the safety and well-being of all personnel. Government data center water treatment programs can protect critical systems and mitigate defects and failures.

ClearWater’s superior cooling and boiler water technology protects your assets. Our industry-leading technology prevents scale, corrosion, and microbiological growth while allowing for maximum usage of all water. ClearWater Solutions C-series provides advanced integrated water management solutions and control systems that combine our experienced field representatives with a 24/7, secure, web-based platform.

ClearWater offers Optimized Release technology as a simpler and safer water treatment method for scale and corrosion control and biofouling protection for cooling and heat transfer equipment. Optimized Release is eco-friendly and an excellent fit for difficult-to-access cooling systems.


Proper hospital water treatment is critical to maintaining your heating, cooling, and instrument sterilizing systems. Doctors, patients, and staff rely on these assets daily to provide comfortable room temperatures and safe environments.

Protecting Your Assets, Patients, and Staff

ClearWater’s hospital water treatment programs help protect your financial health by:

  • Reducing energy and water consumption
  • Extending asset life
  • Reducing maintenance costs

We offer many different delivery options to suit your facility’s specific needs. Our hands-free Neat Delivery program for liquid products and our non-liquid Optimized Release technology both reduce chemical handling by your personnel.

ClearWater’s field and technical service teams can provide sustainable solutions for our hospital customers. Green water treatment programs help reduce chemical usage and inventory, and we can even help you investigate alternative water sources like reclaimed water, secondary condensate, and zero-liquid discharge while extending cycles. We can also assist with understanding and managing Legionella risk and complying with ASHRAE Standard 188 and the CMS Standard.